The institution seeking to extend its roots in the European region, is committed to facilitating artistic production in a way that provide a perfect environment of critical thinking around contemporary discourses and realities and creates communities of empowered and engaged individuals.


1- Create a sustainable base and a center for the Arab culture and specially Arab theater art in Berlin and the European region, involving the local community,institutions, collectives and artists.

2- Encourage local and European audience to have a look at the arabic arts and culture production and have a critical engagement about it.

3-Promote an interdisciplinary approach between the german society and the arabs foreigner who are living in Germany, based on research, production and context engagement.

4- Connect contemporary art with the locals society in a way that promotes discussion and supports initiatives that are independent from political and social hegemonies and break down barriers between Arabs locals and german society.


1- Create networks of exchange between artists and Arab thinker in Berlin and Europe.

2- Offer an open space to the public and focused on artistic and Arab cultural production and collaborate to build a integrated society.

3- Build an archival record of artistic and critical endeavors of Arabs artists in Berlin and the European region , and a public reference library for the Arabian culture in Berlin.

4- Support the careers of innovative emerging and expert artists by providing resources, commissioning works and giving them public exposure.

5- Create a support network for Arabs art scene through grants and opportunities to publish.

6- Help enrich cultural discourse in the Arabic language, and diffuse Arabic-language texts to a wider audience, by publishing and translating contemporary artistic and intellectual texts from and into Arabic.

7- Foster a network of committed individual and institutional donors from the region with a desire to invest in quality cultural production in their home countries.

8- Engage with the public by providing opportunity to participate and discuss in and around the the arabs culture and arts.

9- Provide space, diffusion and resources for independent initiatives working in the civic sphere such as ,The refugee issues ، secularism, homosexuals rights, etc…

10 – Encourage innovative and independent entrepreneurial individuals and collectives including those not working in the arts, by connecting with them and using their services.