Barzakh - Vision & Artist Statement”
Barzakh describes an intermediate state, the moment between this world and the hereafter, the patch of earth on the border between Asia and Europe, the water at the confluence between the sweet and salty sea, the certain feeling in the soul between going away and arriving.
The focus of the aesthetic research of our open platform for professional artists from the Middle East region in exchange with German colleagues is self-representation. In the artistic process of independent, contemporary and critical examination of the topic of transition, the aim here is to avoid external attribution and racism. This using interdisciplinary stylistic devices of the performing arts and the method of the devising theater. Changing production collectives experiment with a variety of readings of texts, with the narrative and modes of action of artistic traditions. The open platform currently includes more than 70 artists from a wide variety of disciplines and origins from the Middle East region and partners from Germany / Europe.

Barzakh Institution
A non-profit institution and non-governmental based in Berlin, Germany. It is interested in the research, production and promotion of cultural practices among artists from the Arab world to present it in Berlin and whole Europe.
The programs of the institution include literary and artistic publications, programs for the art residency of artists and the introduction of ” plays ” and other valuable artistic projects produced. by Arab artists and thinkers to present it to the german audience Through these and other artistic initiatives, the institution works to establish an active and referential role for the Arabic language in the context of the Arab cultural scene between the German and European audiences.

The Target of the Institution:

To build a center for the presentation of artistic cultural production from the Arab region in Berlin to inform the German and European public about the Arabic language and culture and open the horizons of cooperation between them and artists from across the European region by presenting arts in general and theatrical performances especially produced by Arab artists and thinkers Especially.

Mission & Vision


The institution seeking to extend its roots in the European region, is committed to facilitating artistic production in a way that provide a perfect environment of critical thinking around contemporary discourses and realities and creates communities of empowered and engaged individuals.


1- Create a sustainable base and a center for the Arab culture and specially Arab theater art in Berlin and the European region, involving the local community,institutions, collectives and artists.

2- Encourage local and European audience to have a look at the arabic arts and culture production and have a critical engagement about it.

3-Promote an interdisciplinary approach between the german society and the arabs foreigner who are living in Germany, based on research, production and context engagement.

4- Connect contemporary art with the locals society in a way that promotes discussion and supports initiatives that are independent from political and social hegemonies and break down barriers between Arabs locals and german society.


1- Create networks of exchange between artists and Arab thinker in Berlin and Europe.

2- Offer an open space to the public and focused on artistic and Arab cultural production and collaborate to build a integrated society.

3- Build an archival record of artistic and critical endeavors of Arabs artists in Berlin and the European region , and a public reference library for the Arabian culture in Berlin.

4- Support the careers of innovative emerging and expert artists by providing resources, commissioning works and giving them public exposure.

5- Create a support network for Arabs art scene through grants and opportunities to publish.

6- Help enrich cultural discourse in the Arabic language, and diffuse Arabic-language texts to a wider audience, by publishing and translating contemporary artistic and intellectual texts from and into Arabic.

7- Foster a network of committed individual and institutional donors from the region with a desire to invest in quality cultural production in their home countries.

8- Engage with the public by providing opportunity to participate and discuss in and around the the arabs culture and arts.

9- Provide space, diffusion and resources for independent initiatives working in the civic sphere such as ,The refugee issues ، secularism, homosexuals rights, etc…

10 – Encourage innovative and independent entrepreneurial individuals and collectives including those not working in the arts, by connecting with them and using their services.


Background & History

Barzakh is an institution promoting contemporary Arab art and culture in Europe. The non-profit institution was founded in 2018 by Ghassan Hammash in Berlin. The impetus was and is the desire to make the rich Arab contemporary culture accessible to a large audience in Europe, to provide insights and to create encounters and rapprochements between people from different cultures. The Arabic meaning of Barzakh is diverse – on the one hand, it describes the barrier between the here and now and beyond. On the other hand, Barzakh is called the trance-like state between dreaming and waking – immersing yourself in fantastic worlds.
The Barzakh program includes literary projects and publications, art exhibitions, the enabling of artist residencies, and the development of plays and performances in cooperation with Arab and German artists.