This is how declarations of love sound in Arabic
Reading with music: Arabic love poems from the 6th century to the present day. He is as well known in the Arab countries as Goethe in Germany: the Sufi master Ibn-Arabi, who lived in the early 13th century. A sample of his poems can be heard during the reading with music on March 28th at 7.30pm in the LAWRENCE funun GALLERY.
The Syrian actor Bassam Dawood recites love poems by Ibn-Arabi and other poets from 15 centuries.
The poems are presented in German and Arabic and accompanied by music on the oud.
Classics such as the famous “Expect You” by the Palestinian national poet Mahmud Darwisch, but also modern poems that have only been written in the past two years.
In addition to Elske Brault, the actor Bassam Dawood and the musician Oudai Amer (Oud) appear