At first glance the viewer may think that the pictorial world of the painter and graphic artist Kamiran Khalil is a direct reaction to and a processing of war experience in his home country Syria. And they are. But they are more. Khalil’s visions examine with his own verve of creation and a sensitive philosophical approach the bridge between life and death – the eternal mystery that knows only questions and never answers, which can only be imagined, if at all, by the means of illusion – with illusions.
Kamiran Khalil, born in Aleppo in 1986, lives in Berlin. He graduated from the Art Academy in Damascus in 2009, was a master student at the UdK in Berlin in 2016/17. In 2011, Kamiran Khalil was honored with a first solo exhibition at the renowned Arthouse in Damascus, a second solo exhibition followed in 2015 in the prestigious Gallery Khawatem in Beirut. In group exhibitions Kamiran Khalil was represented several times in Sweden, but also in Aleppo, Bharain, Berlin and again in Damascus and Beirut