Ziad Adwan studied for an MA in text and performance studies at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) and King’s college in London, and then took a PhD in theatre studies at Royal Holloway; his thesis was on »Mistakes in Theatre«. Ziad’s work comprises acting, directing and writing for theatre as well as academic work. Ziad played several roles in performances and films (e.q. in Steven Spielbergs »Munich« and in »The Hamburg Cell«) and took over the direction at several Plays. Ziad was the artistic director of Invisible Stories, a series of street theater events that took place in different places in Damascus. In 2013 he left Damascus for political reasons and lived in Abu Dhabi until 2014, where he worked as an actor trainer and a scriptwriting advisor for »TwoFour54 Production Company«. In addition to that he offered workshops in acting and writing techniques. After that he moved to Berlin, where he carried out workshops with refugees. Additionally, he published articles about theater and film for Arabic magazines, as well as several researches among them in »New Theater Quarterly«. In 2016 he was co-founder and curator of »A Syrious Look Magazin«. He is currently based between Berlin and Munich. He performs and directs theatre, including performances, choreography and community theatre, and is also a playwright. He is currently affiliated with the Global Theatre Histories Research Project at LMU Munich and publishes articles in several academic journals.