Zainab Alsawah

Studied English literature in her hometown Homs from 2008 to 2013. In the meantime, she has gained experience in theater and drama with the theater group Labor Theater Troupe. In November 2013 she came to Germany to the city Osnabrück and reached level C1 in the German language by 2015. In Osnabrück she played with the theater group The Ostensibles and the music theater group Lupe. In 2015/2016 she worked as a singer for The Trip, directed by Anis Hamdoun. She began studying acting at the Berlin University of the Arts in 2016 and completed this in November 2019.

During her studies, she was an actress at Theater Münster for the production Die Fremd / Der Kaufmann von Venice under the direction of Stefan Otteni, and she also starred in productions during her studies, which included the Hans Otto Theater. Potsdam, Theaterdiscounter Berlin and bat studio theater. In April 2019 she staged a partly self-written text called The Tooth of the Lion as part of her own work at the University of the Arts in Berlin. For this, she won the DAAD Prize for Outstanding Achievements by Foreign Students at German Universities. In addition, in 2018 she received a nomination for best young actress in the critics’ survey of Theater Today 2018 for “Jessica, Prinz” in the Merchant of Venice “at the Theater Münster.

In the field of film and television, she played a role in the television film Brüder in 2017, which ran on ARD and won the German Television Award in the category best multi-part. In 2018 she was also seen in the 4-Block series, the film Cargo by Christina Tournatzes and the film Dienst ist Dienst by Johannes Naber.

From August 2020 she will be a permanent member of the ensemble at the State Theater in Oldenburg.