Photo Credit: Peter Admik

Saleh Katbeh

Saleh katbe Composer, Producer, and oud player based in Berlin, Saleh studied music at the High Institute of Music in Damascus, and after moving to germany he studied and graduated with a master degree in music Theory from the university of Franz Liszt in weimar, Saleh is well know for his soundtrack composition, using his Oud with many styles and arrangements, creating an atmosphere where acting scenes are rich and compelling, he composed music for many movies and theatrical plays such as (Homework premiered in Berlin) (The Factory, premiered in Berlin) (Y-Sednaya premiered in Neapel) (King kommt noch) in collaboration with the german composer Ulrich Kreppein, primiered in Köln Philharmonie, Saleh is also Co-founder, Oud player and composer for three projects, Coma a downtempo band in weimar, Ramal ensemble with his former colleagues from damascus, and Nakriz the oriental techno uprising band in Berlin’s electro scene, Saleh has also a great experience in mixing and mastering and his productions can be found everywhere online.