Ramadan Hammoud

Ramadan Hammoud was born in 1968 in Syria in the city of Homs, he studied and graduated from the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts in Syria, presented many Syrian works and series and despite his few works, he created unparalleled creativity and one of his most important roles is Younis in the family of 6 stars and in Jamil and Hana and Yassin Tours and others, he worked in the national theater with several performances, including always and never directed by Hadi Al Mahdi and Cinderella directed by creator Nidal Sijri and Klaket directed by Tamer Arbeed and also worked in several documentary films as an assistant director and directed several theatrical performances in his city Homs, the most important of which was the bear of Chekhov And his play on Marquis’s narration, the general does not have any of his writings and several shows for children for the company of Qarnas World. About 30 shows, most of which were shown in the Emirates and his play in our house, a fox directed by Susan Najm al-Din. He presented several theatrical shows for children in Saudi Arabia with festivals (Jeddah )