Ghassan Hammash: Syrian cultural manager and producer, born 1984 in Raqa, Syria, lives in Berlin. He studied theater arts at the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts in Damascus, Syria. He is the founder and Artistic Director of Barzakh gGmbH since 2018 in Berlin. Since 2006 he has staged partnerships with art and cultural organizations from Syria, Lebanon, Germany, France, the Netherlands and Italy. He developed art and cultural projects with a focus on intercultural and process-oriented artistic work, e.g. “Blue (2015)”, funded by Dancing on the Edge in the Netherlands, the play “Antigone of Shatila” by Mohammad alAttar, directed by Omar Abusaada , Production (Les Bancs Publics, Marseille in 2016). In the field of cultural management and production, he has been gaining a wide range of practical experience since 2013 in Beirut, where he and the team introduced a new corporate strategy for the “Beirut Street Festival” as program manager at the Zico House cultural center. “QAF Scenic Readings” A project by Barzakh gGmbH, in collaboration with Literaturhaus Berlin, funded by the Senate Department for Culture and Europe ، as artistic director). ”Y- Saidnaya”: A project in collaboration between Perseids in France and Barzakh, the premiere was in Napoli Teatro Festival Italia # NTFI20).
In addition, he worked as an independent production manager, where he carried out interdisciplinary projects with Syrian, Lebanese and international artists.