Eneko Sanz

Eneko Sanz made his first steps in the entertainment world as a clown and juggler in the streets. From his hometown Bilbao to the world, discovering new cultures and possibilities of expression, this Berlin based actor is always accepting the challenge of capturing people’s interest.

Following the natural way of personal and professional evolution he got on to the stage for developing more sophisticated acting skills.

His knowledge of foreign languages allowed him to even play the lead roles in German and English speaking plays. Due to his curiosity and learning wish, it was just a matter of time that he arrived to the cinema.

Eneko has worked in commercials, short films, videoclips, as actor, director, assistant, illuminator, and sound technician. After tasting all the aspects related to a production, he is now focusing on acting for those directors who offer him interesting material and human quality, and on directing his own projects.

Eneko Sanz – Mr Nader in the play „HomeWork” by Ziad Adwan

„HomeWork, shows what a conflict really looks like. When two ideologies clash, there is always a third person in between. And she’ll probably make a profit from it. “