Christina Spaar

was born in Regensdorf (CH) in 1993 and comes from Hettlingen.

After graduating from the middle school in the “Theater” profile at the Rychenberg Cantonal School in Winterthur (CH), she went to the theater workshop Gleis 5 in Frauenfeld (CH) for various engagements as an assistant director. Here she worked on pieces such as “Scapins Pranks”, “The Master and Margarita” and “Sultan and Kotzbröckli”. In 2015 she started her training at the School for Drama in Hamburg. After graduating in 2018, she moved back to Switzerland and had her first engagement in a leading role at the Winterthur Theater. She played the role of Carol in David Mamet’s “Oleanna”. Christina Spaar is an enthusiastic flamenco dancer and was also involved as a dancer in the performance “Borders”, which was shown at the STAMP Festival in Hamburg.